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With production in Portugal, the Men's Waist-Trainer Dani Fernandes Modeladores is a daily use treatment shapewear, specially designed to promote your self-esteem.


To know your correct size it is necessary to make the measurement with a tape measure 2 fingers above thebelly button with slack. Consult the Size Guide to know your ideal size.


Before starting to use the shapewear it is necessary to do the stretching process.

Men's Waist-Trainer

69,00 €Price
Colour: Black
  • Video of how to know your ideal size shown in the images to the side

    Size | CM

    S | até 81

    M | 81 - 88

    L | 88 - 92

    XL | 92 - 97

    XXL | 97 - 103

    3XL | 103 - 113

    Note: Indicative chart only. Size discrepancies may occur depending on the body.

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