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Dani Fernandes


Daniela Fernandes, at 32, decided to take a chance and go after her dream, to be a entrepreneur. After being a mother and with difficulty in finding a shapewear that would satisfy all her needs, she decided to bet all her chips and to launch in Europe. She created her own shapewear and started to live her dream.

With Brazilian design and own manufacture in Portugal Dani Fernandes Modeladores is a great achievement for an enterprising woman, mother and immigrant, who decided to take her self-esteem factory to all women. Our products were designed and thought for the female body, this way, we were able to create a shapewear that adapts to different bodies and curves.

Today we are more than a product, we are a movement, a self-esteem factory that helps women to feel confident on their own skin and to love each other unconditionally. 

Together we are stronger!!

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